Indes Fuggerhaus
Schriftzug Neuheiten von Indes Fuggerhaus.

Discover the novelties of our fabric lines. The brands of Indes Fuggerhaus are more versatile than ever: Indes, Fuggerhaus, Homing and Label One have reacted with their collections to  the latest trends for the interior.

Indes collection spring 2018: "so beautiful!"

Flowery, colorful and full of life, the Indes Fuggerhaus collection presents itself "so beautiful!" in strong colors, making just a difference. And if you like it more relaxed, decorate your windows in calmly coloured patterns.  

Who does not like to remember the feeling of warm summer days - enjoy a picnic on the green ith friends and family, framed by colorful flowers, blue skies, a light breeze accompanied by a song of a bird and the fresh air. With the decoration fabric "Weekend", you can easily bring relaxed summer days home with you.   

Fuggerhaus collection spring 2018: "URBAN LIVING"

Bring a natural style into your own four walls with the new Fuggerhaus "Urban Living" collection. Life with all its facets is characterized by diversity, namely a harmonious coexistence on the one hand and contrasts on the other. Natural materials such as linen and cotton as well as broken up structures in warm sand and rich brown shades will, like the article Surya, be complemented by highlights in shiny gold and copper. Dry haptics such as "Marlon" and mesh structures contrast with soft flowing, shiny fabric qualities. 

To Fuggerhaus collection "URBAN LIVING"

Indes collection autumn 2017: "Country House"


Flowers in soft watercolours, the latest textile structures and timeless plaids in colours like soft pink, strong red etc., are part of this wonderful collection. The perfect combination for everyone who loves the scandinavian or classical country house style. The approach is either modern, traditional or chic and cosy – anyway it transforms every room into a comfortable „Country House“.


To Indes collection "Country House"

Indes collection autumn 2017: Panorama


Enjoy the view: Our fabrics will frame your window skillfully and in style. Either as soft privacy screen or lateral as classical decoration our designs make it easy to combine different styles and create your own classy frame for a perfect view. We present all new structures in plain fabrics according to the latest trends on the market like 3D surfaces, netlooks and soft finishes. 


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Fuggerhaus collection Spring 2017 Secret Garden

Fuggerhaus collection spring 2017: "Secret Garden"


Like a stroll in a mystery forest, that is the Fuggerhaus collection „Secret Garden“ with its elaborate fabrics for a superior furnishing style. Highly elaborate blossoms and leaves are scattered accross very  fine and distinct qualities of fabric immersing into a very smooth play of colours. Light twinkles  here and there through the light burnouts,  bringing to shine the designs in the early hours of the morning. The designs inspired by nature are very catching in look and touch and are creating the most appealing window decorations. This coordinated line of fabrics featured in „Secret Garden“ with upto date designs and trends  is claiming its position in Interior Design and house furnishing.

To Fuggerhaus collection "Secret Garden"

Indes collection Happiness

Indes collection spring 2017: "Happiness"


It is often the small things in life that makes you happy, like a pleasantly furnished house with mementos and personal memories. We are making room for our own ideas and are creating our own atmosphere. The colorful prints  are expressing a love of life and brighten up every room with their vivid patterns. These multicolored fabrics can easily be combined with existing color schemes or used as a wild potpourri of colors. Your favourite place in the house can be designed in no time according to your ideas.


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