Indes Fuggerhaus
Schriftzug Neuheiten von Indes Fuggerhaus.

Discover the novelties of our fabric lines. The brands of Indes Fuggerhaus are more versatile than ever: Indes, Fuggerhaus, Homing and Label One have reacted with their collections to  the latest trends for the interior.

Indes collection: "Pura Vida"

Palm leaves, juicy greens and exotic birds are now available for your home. The fresh kick for your interior comes from Central America: Countries such as Panama and Costa Rica inspire us to live in a tropical style. The headline of the collection is called Pura Vida = pure life and corresponds to the positive lifestyle of the people. It serves as an expression of joy and happiness and is especially a part of Costa Rica's life philosophy.

Six designs allow you to set up in a lavish and relaxed way. It's been developed to be individually tailored to your needs. The gentle bournouts for example shine in green shades and turns the room into a quiet oasis.Design Tukan and Panama give the room the tropical flair par excellence and create a jungle full of palm leaves growing up the window.

 On the fine satin fabric, the colors look full and fresh, the quality is easy to clean and pleasant to touch. Presented on 2 hangers, the trend theme of the year is clearly covered.

Indes collection: "Hygge"

Hygge is a Danish lifestyle and describes a way of marked by friends and cozy get-togethers.
The relaxed nature of the Danes has now also infected us and has been picked up in the new Indes collection expressed with quiet colors and delicate patterns that spread casually on the light fabrics.
The new designs support the first impression of a room with bright floral tendrils and light-friendly qualities that are both decorative and functional. They make rooms appear lighter and unfold their full effect with a relaxed appear. In particular the feeling that one gets pretty hyggelig during a cozy evening among friends

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Fuggerhaus collection: "Sunday Vibes"

Understatement with style is what these 10 articles are all about. The view with the new Seaside collection is reminiscent of holidays at the sea we all love so much. The fabrics play around the windows in a modest way and move around like a sea breeze. Soft shades and natural haptics contrast pleasantly with the straightforward style of furnishing, adding a cozy touch to the space.

The individual designs have a soft feel, easy care and that certain something in common.So restrained in color are the patterns and structures that give a room the final touch and ultimately make it unique.The interplay of transparency and opaque parts is particularly in the foreground and significantly supports the formal language of the designs.

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