Indes Fuggerhaus

Enjoy and Relax


What really matters.The current spring collection "Enjoy and Relax" brings exactly the right mixture of pure joie de vivre and elegant restraint. High-quality velvets and elegant satins with special motifs remind us of the colorful diversity and fill us with a new zest for life.




To Fuggerhaus Collection Enjoy and Relax

Perfect Day


 Design everyday life and enjoy life!

Nothing is currently as important as your own home. There you should already feel comfortable. The new Indes collection Perfect Day is just the thing for this.

To Indes Collection Perfect Day

Indes Kollektion "Garden Greetings"

Garden Greetings


Collection Garden Greetings - At home in nature

Living with flora and natural textures is making a comeback - motifs and textures inspired by nature are a big trend that continues to grow. With the Indes collection "Garden Greetings" a piece of nature moves into living spaces and takes the beauty of the world outside.


To Indes Collection Garden Greetings

Indes Kollektion Country Side

Sea Side / Country Side

Sea Side - Moin and Ahoy!
Feet buried in the sand, hair blowing with the sea breeze and the warm evening sun behind you - theevening sun at your back - the Indes collection Sea Side lets fresh winds blow and brings the belovedbeloved maritime flair to your home. 


Country Side - pure nature!
The scent of freshly mowed lawn, birds bathing in puddles and meadow flowers tied tomeadow flowers that are tied into large bouquets make nature lovers' hearts beat faster.


To Indes-Collection Sea Side/Country Side

Cozy Elegance

Comfortable and elegant at once
The certain something of fashionability comes with the Fuggerhaus collection "Cozy Elegance". Combinations of natural structures and delicate metallic effects create the feeling of luxurious and homelike Living.


To Fuggerhaus Collection "Cozy Elegance"






Soft Breeze

Like a light wind carrying along a mixture of fresh and warm tones. Colours like blue and green remind us of the lake and summery flora, red and orange capture the warm summer sunsets in your living room. Floral motifs on coloured printed fabrics imitate the spectacle of nature and structured crash surfaces with delicate patterns play with subtle accents in the form of light spots of colour.


To Indes Collection "Soft Breeze"