Indes Fuggerhaus

Fuggerhaus collection spring 2016

Elegance At Its Best
Graceful and highly stylish - this is the Fuggerhaus Collection Spring 2016.
The focus of attention are elegant silks. Lavishly embroidered, they draw every room into an incomparable light.
Sarisha, a large scale floral embroidery which reminds of opulent and stylish gardens infront of stately homes.
An ideal combination is the plain silk Shalina. Expressive colours and the typical silky shine bring to light the magic of silk.
Ashanti, a highly classical embroidery on an opulent baroque damask - extravagant and unique are its colour combinations.
Two sheers as possible accessories are Arioso FR and Starling, both with colour lines connected to the silks.



Images Fuggerhaus collection spring 2016

Press release Fuggerhaus collection spring 2016