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Indes collection Happiness


What a feeling!

It is often the small things in life that makes you happy, like a pleasantly furnished house with mementos and personal memories. We are making room for our own ideas and are creating our own atmosphere.  Rooms that are a kind of reflexion of ourselves just make us feel happy.

The Indes collection „Happiness“ is full of joy and transports  a great deal of good spirits into our own environment. The designs „Smile“, „Happiness“, „Sprinkle“ and „Shine“  are a guarantee for cheerfulness and enjoyment. The colourful prints  are expressing a love of life and brighten up every room with their vivid patterns. These multicoloured fabrics can easily be combined with existing colour schemes or used as a wild potpourri of colours. Your favourite place in the house can be designed in no time according to your ideas.



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