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Fuggerhaus Wallcoverings collection Palazzo d'oro

Palazzo d'oro

The featured designs are a reminiscence of the old times of the city of Augsburg – the home of FUGGERHAUS. During renaissance times Augsburg has been the centre of trading, culture, arts and music in Europe. There have been close trading relations with Italy at the time, so the influence of the Italian style and colour was strong and entered directly the houses of Augsburg’s citizens. That’s why Augsburg is still called the most northerly city of Italy. Due to Augsburg’s long history there are many architectural references, like the town hall with its „Golden Hall“, built by Elias Holl. Holl has been inspired by his travels to Venice with its renaissance style buildings. Back in Augsburg he influenced the town’s architecture and was responsible for the look of many buildings besides the town hall. They represented the wealth and confidence of Augsburg at that time. The „Golden Hall“ is an impressive example of renaissance interior architecture. The vast amount of gold used all over the walls and ceiling lent its name to this hall.


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