Indes Fuggerhaus

Metropolitan Stories

Six European metropolises - each unique in its own way. Six brand characters - each with its own individual history. All connected by their exclusive style, their tasteful design and their modern and authentic nonchalance to enjoy life.
Multifaceted fabrics and exciting wallpapers offer the ideal basis to decorate the entire room classy and stylishly.



Press release Fuggerhaus collection "Metropolitan Stories"

Metropolitan Stories Paris Palmenblätter Dekostoff



"Voilà! With contrasting colours, large ferns fascinate in the jungle trend 
and interpret them in an elegant and feminine way. 
The large palm leaves pick up the Parisian flair easily.







Metropolitan Stories Copenhagen



Nature must be felt - either outdoors in the open or you bring the natural feeling inside. 
The rustic pattern in combination with earthy tones lends a masculine touch to nature-loving Copenhagen lovers. 
The non-slip, nature-inspired structure of the basic fabric supports the graphic, straight-line pattern.







Metropolitan Stories London Velour



The counterpart to the baroque English wallpaper is the curtain with a fine restrained ornamental pattern.
These create a subtle play of light on the fabric. 
The soft velour quality is particularly important here and brings the royal character into one's own home.







Metropolitan Stories Amsterdam Blumen



A sea of flowers - because you can never have enough of them. 
The picturesquely artistic flowers remind you on cosy summer afternoons outdoors. 
And the coarse structure of the fabric in combination with the floral splendour are made for each other.