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Functional fabrics by Indes Fuggerhaus

Top Lining

Article "Top Lining" - Basics with a functional requirement

Indes Fuggerhaus is extending its products range in the field of functional fabrics and offers now 18 different articles:

- back-linings for classical decoration lend volume to the fabric and protect it at the same time.

- fabrics for dimming or glare protection purposes support your visually comfort

 - thermal characteristics preserve your home from heat loss 

Article REFLEX


As backing, interlining or solo: "Reflex-Blackout" (1500-15) and "Reflex- Voile" (1501-14) reflect the light from outside to protect your decoration and furniture and give you visually comfort. Also usable as isolator to keep the temperature inside the room.


There are various reasons to back-line a fabric and also various qualities you can choose from:


"Molton" (4348-17, -24) and fleeced veneer "Cretonne" (4349-09) are representing volume and a powerfull arrangement of folds

- Polyester-Cotton-Satins of high class are necessary to backline a high class face fabric like silk (4336-29,36,50,67). 

- Microfibre -Satin, sanded, the lightweight of linings for a better look (4347-01,18).

- Blackout: protects the decoration and darkens the room  (4336-05,12)

- Cretonne (PES/CO) ist light and taffeta-like.  This quality improves the stand of fabric and protects it (4336-74)

Article ELLEN

The basic of Lining

Ellen is a roomhigh soft satin (PES/CO) to dress up the backside of your decoration or protection for the face fabric. Even usable for a leight decoration (4335-06, 13, 20, 37)