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Textile Know-how: Manufacture curtain making

Window decoration favorites

Different ways of manufacturing making up give a certain look to the fabrics and furnishing in your room and underline the expression you want to have. To use these different ways of arranging and showing your style makes it easy for you to individualize your home - Just the way you want it.

Venetian blinds




Using a dimming decoration fabric a venetian blind darkens the room and give you space for privacy with provisions on views. By varying the kind of manufacturing you can archive either an elegant look or a scandinavian style depending on the technique - with or without rods.





...movement at your window. The waveband allows to fix the distance between every wave of your decoration. This way you individualize the expression of the pattern. 

Flemish fold or pinch pleat




Three groups of folds are possible to give your decoration an elegant touch. No visible seams at the top and a perfect look of folds even after washing show the difference and the quality work. You can also use them to adjust height differences from ceiling to floor.





Eyelets give you the opportunity to decide how you would like the waves in your decoration to be like. You can individualize the distance and make room for a special design or use an even wave repeat for a nice and elegant look on a plain fabric.





A very classical way of decorating your fabric. You are not tied to any measurements, you can freely form folds to the requirement of the used face fabric.

Decorative pleated tapes




Very neat look of tape creating a leger drape of the fabric. There are many versions available from opulent to more reduced.

Slide on tapes




A standard curtain tape for all kinds of fabrics. Fixed folds and a set allowance for the amount of fabric used are the characteristics. Depending on the number of pleats the richness of the drapes will change.





Is that really necessary? - A frequently asked question

To protect your fabric with natural composition from the effect of sun you should always use a lining. It enriches the whole decoration and makes the folds look even more significant.