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Silks from Fuggerhaus

Silks – dress curtains with exquisit style


Being of noble origin and unique in its performance – silk is one of the most elegant and luxurious textiles serving numerous purposes and styles. 

The new silk embroideries Ashanti and Sarisha of the Fuggerhaus collection are creating  a very exclusive ambiance.

Ashanti is lushly embroidered with extravagant and detailed baroque elements. Stylish and gracefull silks open the way to an interior with a class of its own.

Just as much luxurious charm is spread by the silk embroidery Sarisha. With great splendour colourful, floral elements  and winding tendrils create an elegant atmosphere as in royal gardens.

The perfect combination is Shalina the plain silk to match. Luxurious shine and a crispy drape are the characteristics opening up many creative possibilities.



Images from silks from Fuggerhaus

Pressrelease from silks from Fuggerhaus