Indes Fuggerhaus

Colour up your life

Discover the new Indes collection with its colorful and vibrant designs "Colour up your life"!
The perfect balance between dominant and light colors allows you to escape from everyday life and fill any room with life and excitement. Positivity and liveliness on your windows will motivate you to walk every day, every challenge as a new adventure.

The bright colors of the collection article LIFE remind of watercolor paintings, with which you have the opportunity to express your personality. Colorful flames or delicate waves on transparent net curtain exude colorful lightness in the Scherli articles FUNNY and LOOPY. With RE-CANDY, on the other hand, you can bring a colorful shower of leaves into your own 4 walls.
Out of the monotonous and up to new adventures with bold and expressive colors. True to the motto "Happy mind happy life".
Article RE-HENRY, the semi-transparent Scherlis RE-CANDY and RE-CIRCO were also produced proportionally from recycled polyester. Whereas the ombre horizontal stripe CLEAR contains a linen content of 14%.
The entire collection is complemented by the expressive plain article COURAGE, which convinces with a color palette of 26 colorways and an exciting structure. The semi-transparent blind cuts a fine figure both as a companion and solo, durable and easy to clean made of 100% polyester.



Collection visuals

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