Indes Fuggerhaus

Pura Vida


Palm leaves, juicy greens and exotic birds are now available for your home. The fresh kick for your interior comes from Central America: Countries such as Panama and Costa Rica inspire us to live in a tropical style. The headline of the collection is called Pura Vida = pure life and corresponds to the positive lifestyle of the people. It serves as an expression of joy and happiness and is especially a part of Costa Rica's life philosophy. Six designs allow you to set up in a lavish and relaxed way. It's been developed to be individually tailored to your needs.The gentle bournouts for example shine in green shades and turns the room into a quiet oasis.Design Tukan and Panamagive the room the tropical flair par excellence and create a jungle full of palm leaves growing up the window.

 On the fine satin fabric, the colors look full and fresh, the quality is easy to clean and pleasant to touch. Presented on 2 hangers, the trend theme of the year is clearly covered.


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