Indes Fuggerhaus

Sea Side / Country Side

Sea Side – ‚Moin‘ and Ahoy!
Your feet buried in the sand, the sea breeze blowing through the hair and the warm evening sun on your back - the Indes collection Sea Side brings the beloved maritime flair to your home. With the stylish decoration fabrics and comfy cushions, your home becomes your personal favourite spot. 
The numerous anchors, the big lighthouse and wide striped designs in maritime colours resemble the wide blue sea and extensive walks along the beach. With the maritime fabrics in your home becomes more than just a place to live, it becomes your sea side.


Country Side – Nature in it’s purest form
The scent of freshly mowed lawn and wildflowers, birds bathing in puddles… All that is what makes nature-lovers hearts sing. Decorative farbics with butterflies, pink violets, clover and fine dandelion bring along the spring and are ideally to combine with matching striped fabrics, watercolor gradients and graphical patterns.


Pictures of the collection