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Indes Kollektion Soft Breeze Gardinen und Vorhänge

Soft Breeze

Like a light wind carrying along a mixture of fresh and warm tones. Colours like blue and green remind us of the lake and summery flora, red and orange capture the warm summer sunsets in your living room. Floral motifs on coloured printed fabrics imitate the spectacle of nature and structured crash surfaces with delicate patterns play with subtle accents in the form of light spots of colour. The crashs speak for themselves. With easy-care style and their lightness at the window  the all-rounders are suitable for any curtain tape. A light-hearted pattern mix of summery waves and palm leaves is combined with unobtrusive striped patterns. Even when the weather becomes cooler, the fabrics become a gentle eye-catcher - just like a gentle breeze in summer. 

The multifaceted colours of the plain fabrics range from light nuances to colourful strong tones. The "River" uni with its soft flowing texture, is coarse in appearance but supple in feel. With 50 colours ranging from light pastel shades to subdued shades, there is something for everyone. The decorative fabric, which can also be used as upholstery fabric, cuts a particularly good figure next to uni "Lani", as the colours harmonise ideally with each other. Due to the linen content "Lani" has a light and elegant fall. Uni "Metro" also makes itself particularly noble, because the mother-of-pearl dimmer plays with shimmer and gloss effects. If you value good room acoustics and a feel-good atmosphere at home at the same time, the woven fabric "Silence" is just right. It feels soft and improves the sound at the same time. This  helps decreasing the background noise.