Indes Fuggerhaus

Enjoy and Relax

What is really important

Just the right mix of pure joie de vivre and elegant restraint is brought to you by the current spring collection "Enjoy and Relax". High-quality velvets and elegant satins with special motifs remind us of the colorful diversity and fill us with a new zest for life. Elegant fabrics, natural structures, soft burnouts with natural motifs, paired with subtle colors and a light sheen, provide us with the necessary calm. Absolute highlights to be seen are the 2 noble printed satins, which feature floral patterns in watercolor technique and beautiful color combinations. These special items are complemented by a noble velour with large-scale floral motif. The plain fabrics Pollux, a room-high, softly flowing chenille quality, and Callisto, an iridescent velour, combine well with this. Another highlight is our plain Re-Livia. This soft flowing blind with a subtle sheen is available in 30 great colors and is made from recycled polyester.



Pictures of the collection