Indes Fuggerhaus


From Marienheide across the world
Our company is situated in a rural part called „Oberbergisches Land“  60 kilometres east of Cologne. Surrounded by forests and lakes this is where we operate from. Productdevelopment, marketing, customer service and warehouse all under one roof.
You are very welcome to visit our showroom and view our collections. You may combine this with a relaxing walk around one of the lakes and a nice break  in a traditionell restaurant enjoying a typical „bergische Kaffeetafel“, a sweet and savoury afternoon treat.
Additionally we have showrooms in Munich, Berlin and Vienna where you are very welcome to see our collections as well. National and international fairs are another opportunity to get familiar with our novelties. We are looking forward to welcoming you there.
Our production facilities are spread around the globe. Specialists are working for us in order to convert our ideas into textiles. May it be print, jacquard or embroidery there are experts who guarantee a high quality standard. A good relationship to our partners in production is essential to us as we know our articles are in good hands.