Indes Fuggerhaus

New Balance

A life in balance - the new meaning of life.

Balance has never been as important as it is today. Whether in the family, at work, in nutrition - being in balance seems to be the current life trend.


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Summer Vibes

Romantic country style meets bold nostalgia.

Close your eyes, listen to the music. The nose receives fresh spring scents. Spring is coming back and the world is becoming colorful and lively again - so is the new collection "Summer Vibes" by Indes.

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Living Secrets

High-quality embroidery meets graphic lightness.

The new Fuggerhaus collection Living Secrets convinces with high quality and plays with contrasts. High-quality and expressive embroideries in powerful colorways on recycled base fabric meet delicate burnouts with restrained colorfulness. Here again, two organic-looking shapes contrast with a graphic check.


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Colour up your life

Experience colourful and vibrant designs full of life with the latest Indes Collection! Escape your daily routine and fill your home with life and excitement through this collection‘s perfect balance between energetic and light colours. Joyful and vibrant scenery at your windows motivate to take on each new day and every challenge as a new adventure. Escape monotony and welcome new opportunities with bold and expressive colours. True to the motto „happy mind happy life“.

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Elegance of Art

Artful and expressive

The new collection from Fuggerhaus presents itself airy and expressive, with eye-catching colors and artistic motifs. Let the mysterious elegance take you on an exciting fabric adventure. Artistic and expressive prints on semi-transparent net curtain with floral or graphic design are in contrast, both in the choice of motifs and in the two colorways each. The light-dark contrast creates tension, yet the dominant as well as subtle colors blend into a harmonious overall picture.


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Lovely White

The new Indes Fuggerhaus collection „Lovely White“ catches with its filigree embroideries and details. A young, contemporary interpretation of classic lace, it creates a cozy atmosphere in your home wich invites you to feel good.


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Modern Classic

Modern coziness or rather classic chic?The new Modern Classic collection from Fuggerhaus surprises with a mix of old acquaintances and modern jungle motifs. Complemented by naturally-inspired heavy embroideries with graphic patterns and new plain colors. 

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Natural Roots

Discover the new "Natural Roots" collection, remember the roots of life and the beauty of nature.


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Little Love

Discover the new "Little Love" collection from Indes Fuggerhaus and turn the four walls of the
little ones into adventure playgrounds. 


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Modern Chalet

You love the country life and long for a time out in the mountains or by the sea? Then you will surely find in our new Indes collection Modern Chalet the ideal companions to create your personal oasis of well-being. Design your favorite holiday home and bring your vacation home!

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Enjoy and Relax


Just the right mix of pure joie de vivre and elegant restraint is brought by the current spring collection "Enjoy and Relax". High-quality velour qualities and elegant satins with special motifs remind us of the colorful diversity and fill us with a new zest for life.   

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Perfect Day

Nothing is currently as important as your own home. There you should already feel comfortable. The new Indes collection Perfect Day is just the thing for this.
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Indes Kollektion "Garden Greetings"

Garden Greetings


Living with flora and natural textures is making a comeback - motifs and textures inspired by nature are a big trend that continues to gain traction. With the Indes collection "Garden Greetings" a piece of nature moves into living spaces and takes the beauty of the world outside.   


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