Indes Fuggerhaus

Natural Roots

The sun beneath the horizon, the mist in the mountains, the scent of rain...Silence.

Inspired by nature, the new Indes collection "Natural Roots" features simple structures, natural colorways and motifs.
Abstractly interpreted play of light on the horizon, misty mountain ranges as well as captured shadows adorn opaque decoration fabrics as well as delicate inbetweens.
Article "Roots" is reminiscent of ethnic patterns and beautifully represents the origin. "Roots" as the source of life, water and sun, depicted in 2 colorways.
A tribute to the wonders of this earth with all its beautiful shapes, colors and textures.

Indes Fuggerhaus invites you to remember the roots of life and let the beauty of nature be.
Please accept this invitation and enjoy the new collection:

Natural Roots.


Pictures of the collection

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