Indes Fuggerhaus

Summer Vibes

Romantic country style meets bold nostalgia.

Close your eyes, listen to the music. The nose receives fresh spring scents.Spring is coming back and the world is becoming colorful and lively again - so is the new collection "Summer Vibes" by Indes.

The article Peonia captivates with large flowers in 3 harmonious color schemes, reminiscent of watercolor paintings. This is complemented by the airy and lightly falling floral blind Floreta. Article Talavera reinterprets traditional Aztec patterns, combines past with modern colors and acts as a contrasting companion to the traditional floral motifs. Complementing this are 3 different embroidery motifs on a semi-transparent, textured base fabric.

True to the motto "the good old days are now", the Sunflower and Suncheck items impress with their unusual and unique look. Inspired by the 70s, the article Suncheck takes you back to those days and makes your decoration an eye-catcher. Positivity and joie de vivre, as far as the eye can see! In contrast, the motif of Sunflower and Sunflower light convinces with its expressive floral pattern, also in the typical colors of the time.

The collection is rounded off by unexciting sustainable plain colors. The light, yarnaway™ articles Re-Liberté + Re-Pura can be combined excellently in a variety of natural tones as a restrained companion, but also form a successful decoration solo. The two decorative fabrics Re-Una + Re-Laika are made of recoverten™ cotton yarns and are available in 3 colorways.



Collection visuals