Indes Fuggerhaus

New Balance

A life in balance - the new meaning of life.

Balance has never been as important as it is today. Whether in the family, at work, in nutrition - being in balance seems to be the current life trend.

This trend is set by Indes Fuggerhaus.

Indes Fuggerhaus implements this trend as a stylistic device in the current autumn collection 2023.

The entire collection is divided into several small groups that give each other support. A wide selection of recycled qualities, the full range of natural nuances paired with extraordinary designs creates the necessary balance between natural restraint and upscale extravagance.

Whether plain fabrics such as article FUTURE (100% rec PES), printed or woven structures, the choice of recycled qualities is large. The entire flame retardant inner collection FR-One consists of recycled articles. Whether blind, velour, dimout or upholstery fabric, functionality and sustainability are the top priority here.

Friends of exclusive design and unusual structures also get their money's worth with the FUGGERHAUS articles in the NEW BALANCE collection. Article AMATHOS, an extraordinary shearling on a dark warp is not only captivating due to the use of chenille yarns. The elegantly shining burn-out LAPIZ makes lovers' hearts beat faster. The KALAHARI and SAHARA sheer fleeces offer a fine palette of natural shades and create a natural feel with their rather grainy handle.

Fans of colours and shapes will not be disappointed with the BABEL, BABYLON, RAVEN and RAVEN SHEER items. Different basic fabrics balance each other out here and create the transition to the TASH, TEACH, DANCE and HOPE articles from the INDES Group, which bring colour and lightness into play.



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