Indes Fuggerhaus

Artful and expressive - Elegance of Art

The new collection from Fuggerhaus presents itself airy and expressive, with eye-catching colors and artistic motifs. Let the mysterious elegance take you on an exciting fabric adventure. Artistic and expressive prints on semi-transparent net curtain with floral or graphic design are in contrast, both in the choice of motifs and in the two colorways each. The light-dark contrast creates tension, yet the dominant as well as subtle colors blend into a harmonious overall picture. The four different print motifs present themselves semi-transparent and softly flowing with a height of approx. 300cm and offer two different colors each. Article Trapez draws graphic lines in a dark and a light color scheme. Longitudinal stripes in watercolor style with artistic gradient decorate article Galvano in two strong colors. Artfully sketched circles soften the graphic motifs and decorate article Crossing with a more natural color scheme, whereas article Sidero attracts attention with a wild shower of leaves. The prints are accompanied by three elegant burnouts in wonderfully matching colorways, which give the collection the necessary elegance and tranquility. Whether the coarse texture of Pikot, the high transparency of Crossout or the delicate feel of the burnout Labonne surround your windows, enjoy your radiance and elegance with all your senses. The collection is rounded off with a soft flowing semi-transparent plain with 20% linen content and a height of about 320cm. Article Linaya offers a color palette of 35 colorways and blends into your room situation, both solo or as a discreet companion.

Create your retreat and enjoy the new collection of Fuggerhaus: Elegance of Art





Collection visuals

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