Indes Fuggerhaus

Modern coziness or rather classic chic?

The new Modern Classic collection from Fuggerhaus surprises with a mix of old acquaintances and modern jungle motifs. Complemented by nature-inspired heavy embroideries with graphic patterns and new plain colours.
Breathtakingl colored leaf motifs on a light inbetween with a linen content and a wonderfully light drape contrast with a jungle velour that gives us pure coziness in both 'dark' and 'nature' colorways and transports us to the depths of the forest.
The translucent plain weave "Re-Evie" with its simple coarse plain weave and a color palette with 30 colorways can be combined just as well as the heavy chenille "Aura" with a similarly large color palette and a strikingly soft feel.
In the Modern Classic collection, graphic embroideries on heavy decoration fabrics form a strong contrast to the aforementioned items, as do two combination hangers that impress with classic patterns, such as paisley, ornaments and a fine stripe on shiny jacquard fabric.
A dimout combination hanger with four different items completes the collection.
Not only the different fabric types offer a variety of high quality and special fabrics, also the material compositions have a lot to offer.


Pictures of the collection

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