Indes Fuggerhaus
Cozy Elegance Fuggerhaus high qualitiy curtains

Cozy Elegance - Comfortable and elegant at once

The certain something of fashionability comes with the Fuggerhaus collection "Cozy Elegance". Combinations of natural structures and delicate metallic effects create the feeling of luxurious and homelike living. Softly flowing devorés with multi-faceted patterns make the room appear more spacious and brighten it at the same time.
„Salvia" is an absolute eye-catcher with its wave-like fringe patterns on a jacquard structured fabric. In  deep blue as well as in elegant grey "Salvia" creates a "wow effect" at the window. The soft and smooth haptics bring comfort and cosiness to your home and give rooms an exclusive, sensual flair.
Bright unicolor fabrics can be combined well with the patterned fabrics  to create an harmonious impression.



Press release Fuggerhaus collection "Cozy Elegance"